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1milliondiamonds was begun as an Instagram account in April of 2016 by Debbie Manville who currently resides in New Jersey. Debbie is an artist and a curator who's interest in non-objective art has only grown in the past 30 years. Diamonds is in the process of transforming into a 3D gallery space in the next year or so.

the story of how diamonds was formed

I had kept art in inspiration folders called "YES" on my desktop for years to look at to get the juices flowing to make art. These folders would have random images with no names of the art or artist and would be in no special order. This went on for over ten years until Instagram came along and names would be attached. Unfortunately, this wasnt always the case on Tumblr. I kept and still keep four art Tumblrs with varying factors of how I like to sort the art. These four are Onemilliondiamonds (formerly Baxtourniquet/Fabuluxlishusness,) Nobodylikesawaggie, Frosteddonit and Severeextremefocus.

I ended up looking at the Diamonds Tumblr archive one day and thought, "Wow, this isn't too bad! There's some really great art on here, maybe I should expand this."  Attempting to strike up a conversation with a curator from the UK, I ended up sending her an Anne Neukamp piece, wondering what her thoughts were. She never responded. My thought afterward was,"Instead of sending an image to her, why not send it to all of Instagram?"
That night I spoke with my collaborator from Chile, Gonzalo Espinoza Mera and I asked what he thought. He said he liked the name and thought it was a cool idea. Gonzalo and I send art back and forth daily and oftentimes, I will tag art that he sent me when I post it on Diamonds (@Krehzone pick)

Diamonds grew pretty fast.  I didn't have any plans for Diamonds Instagram except to post art that I liked. I had no clue where it would go, that I would have so many people follow, artists, galleries, curators or how big it would become. I began having super awesome artists that I had always loved and admired follow me too! It is a dream! I really didn't believe that so many people were into the same art as me. <3

I also realized that as the followers grew, my Diamonds page had more functions than originally planned. I could promote emerging/ unknown artists who weren't getting shown, who really could use the connections and I could also promote shows. I still do it daily, for free, because I feel it's necessary to give to the community and also to keep the vision pure. 

@1milliondiamonds is essentially an art gallery minus the rent, but with a much broader audience.