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Humans have so many forms of communication and it's said that 93% of communication is non-verbal. In the case of artists, we have our own language. Shapes and symbols, lines, colors all form a language for me. I refer to this language, when I see it, as "silent art." Any piece of art that can talk in this silent language is considered silent art to me. Mostly, the type of art that is silent to me is non-objective and I have been collecting images that are silent for the past fifteen years. 

I've found by observing the way that artists like similar work to theirs, we tend to identify with those who make and understand similar art languages. Stripe artists like stripe art. Gradient artists like gradient work, etc. All artists speak in a language be it paintings, fabric sculpting, grafitti, glassmaking and then we all have a dialect within that language. The longer we practice our language, the better we and everyone else viewing it understands it. We tend to hone it to our own vision as we mature.

One of the reasons that I formed Diamonds was to understand my own art language better. Now, I have a handy reference that I can use whenever I need inspiration or if I have a question about how colors work together. There's nothing better for an artist than to be able to bring their vision to frution. At one point, mine were getting stuck between my head and my arm. That has changed significantly since I started it and it feel great to be able to paint again. It takes a long time to find your language, especially if you like to shift dialects like I do.

1milliondiamonds vision is silent, semiotic work that speaks to all that understand it. This can range from digital and motion work, abstract geometric painting to simple landscape, abstract photography, printmaking, grafitti and even fashion. There are underlying dialects that liaise these artforms together.